Experience Membership Privileges

With your FREE one-year SIM Membership subscription under the Experience Membership Scheme you will be able to experience the world of SIM Membership and the following privileges:

Access to SIM Library (Terms & Conditions apply)
SIM Library is located at SIM Campus. As a SIM Society member, you can continue to use the SIM Library space (except for space that required booking), borrow physical books and access the e-resources.

Access to SIM Library e-resources is limited to the following:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • EMIS
  • Euromonitor-Passport
  • Factiva
  • Straits Times & Business Times and

20% Discount on SIM Wide Range of Professional Development Programmes
Enjoy 20% discount on professional development programmes (non-government funded) conducted by SIM to improve your knowledge or upgrade your skill sets. Choose from over 130 courses on topics covering Business Management, Personal Effectiveness, Human Capital Management and Leadership.

Regular Membership Activities, Talks & Networking Events at Special Rates
Be part of a vibrant community! Attend thought-stimulating seminars and be informed on the latest trends by industry gurus. Enjoy preferential rates at our professional Interest Group events. Increase your effectiveness with unlimited networking opportunities and exchange ideas through our myriad of professional and personal development talks and workshops.

Valued Deals & Discounts at Participating Dining & Retail Outlets

Enjoy special discounts and privileges at participating merchants. Look out for these deals under Member Specials.

Special Invites for Events
Invites to events organised by SIM such as Singapore Management Festival.

Regular Alerts on Events & Services
Provide us with your details here and we will keep you informed of our latest events and promotions

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