Personal Data Protection Policy

  1. Notification
      • The Singapore Institute of Management Society (SIM Society) is a professional membership organisation that supports the lifelong learning of individuals and organisations through a wide range of learning, industry and networking events, as well as professional interest groups. In the course of your dealings with us, we may be required to collect, use and/or disclose personal data about you.
      • In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) we seek your agreement to the terms and conditions set out in this Policy. [To find out more about PDPA, visit the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission’s website and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

2. Data Collection

      • The amount and type of personal data collected from you will be:-
        1. limited to that which is necessary to fulfil the purposes identified;
        2. used and processed reasonably and lawfully; and
        3. retained for such period to fulfil the purposes identified or as necessary for legal or business purposes.
      • Personal data may include information such as (but not limited to) name, NRIC, passport number, credit card number, address, contact number, email address and image (photograph or video) of an individual.

      • When you browse our website, we may collect information from your browser such as (but not limited to) your IP address and cookie information. Although browser sessions may be tracked, individual users will remain anonymous

3. Data Usage / Purposes

      • Your personal data may be collected, used or disclosed by or on behalf of SIM Society in connection with the following:
        1. to process and/or attend to your query relating to SIM Society and/or Interest Group membership application;
        2. to process and/or attend to your query relating to activity registration or participation;
        3. to provide you with relevant information relating to educational services, learning activities professional development or corporate training programmes and other related services provided by SIM Society and/or our partnering organisations;
        4. to send you SIM Society’s surveys or feedback forms in connection with your experience with us
      • During your attendance at any activity held or jointly held by SIM Society, image(s) of you (photograph or video) may be taken for news, publicity or purposes relating to the legitimate interests of SIM Society. By attending, you agree for SIM Society to collect and use the image(s) in any medium and format for the purposes mentioned.

      • We may share relevant data with third party organisations, partners and/or vendors approved by SIM Society in order to serve you better, or if necessary, with Government agencies or under statutory requirements.

4. Data Protection 

      • We understand the importance of protecting your personal data and deploy appropriate security and technological measures to safeguard your data.

5. Data Access / Update / Correction or Withdrawal of Consent

      • You have the right to request access to, update and/or correct your personal data with us; or to withdraw the consent given for collection, use and/or disclosure. If you wish to do so, please –

        1. email us at :
        2. state in the email subject header: “Request to Access / Update / Correct Personal Data – PDP” or “Notice of Withdrawal of Consent – PDP”
      • Provide clearly, your name (as in your NRIC / Passport) and contact details

      • We will acknowledge receipt of your request within 7 working days. At the same time, we will seek to verify your identity, inform you of any administrative follow-up and if applicable, the implications of your withdrawal of consent. 

      • For image(s), we will seek to confirm the specific image(s) and provide you with access within 21 working days. A reasonable fee may be imposed for providing the image(s).

      • For withdrawal of consent, we will cease (and inform any relevant data intermediaries to cease) to collect, use or disclose your personal data within 21 working days upon receipt of your email confirmation. For image(s) in hardcopy / printed materials, the cessation will be upon the exhaustion of the current prints.

6. Policy Update 

      • We may update this Policy as necessary or relevant. The latest version will be published on this web page.

Last updated 21 October 2021

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