Frequently Asked Questions on Experience Membership Scheme

It is an exclusive scheme that allowis SIM graduates to join a circle for knowledge sharing and a further opportunity to experience the various offerings of SIM Society Membership after they graduate.

It is exclusive to fresh graduates who have completed minimally a degree programme with SIM Global Education (SIM GE). Graduates will need to apply to join the EM Scheme.

Graduates under this scheme are not considered members of any of our official membership categories. However, you will get to enjoy an array of exclusive benefits that are specially put together for this scheme.

You will be able to enjoy the same members’ rate on membership and professional Interest Group events and SIM executive training programmes that are specially extended for this EM scheme. You can find out the full listing of the exclusive privileges for this scheme here.

You EM will be valid until 31 December of the following year after your programme completion ie, the year in which you receive your examination results.

There will be no issuance of cards under this scheme. Graduates may use their existing SIM GE student card to enjoy the privileges.

Generally, the access to the type of online databases and e-journals given are similar to what paying SIM Members enjoy. For details, please login here.

You log into My Membership portal with your ID which is SIM Membership Number OR your email address registered with us. If you have forgotten your password, please email us at for assistance.

You may email us at for assistance.

In order to join any of the professional Interest Groups, you are required to be an SIM Society Individual member or staff of an SIM Society Corporate member.

We warmly welcome you to sign up as a paying SIM Society Member anytime to enjoy our full-fledged membership benefits and privileges. The one-time entrance fee of up to S$214 (inclusive of 7% GST) is waived. You will only need to pay the annual membership subscription. Online individual membership application is available at

We hope you would have enjoyed the various services and activities that we offered. We will invite you to join as a SIM Society Member towards the end of your EM validity period.

You may click here or email us at or call us on +65 6248 9489.

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